About Us | Aldenhoff Jewellers

Aldenhoff Jewellers will soon be celebrating its 25th anniversary creating sleek, contemporary jewelry for men and women utilizing traditional craftsmanship.
The idea of the company was born in New York City and realized in Dusseldorf, where, for ten years at their shop in Stilwerk, and continuously at the Aldenhoff Atelier on Birkenstrasse, the founders, Ramona and Bernd Aldenhoff, created iconic designs and nurtured their unique vision for finely made bespoke jewelry.

Their bold and sexy cocktail rings developed a passionate and loyal following of customers returning season after season for the latest piece of art. Aldenhoff Jewellers later expanded its creations to include elegant wedding rings and playful earrings, pendants and other accessories.  Ramona, now the sole force behind the brand, continues to  grow and push creative boundaries while maintaining the standards of connoisseurship and refinement.   Her beautiful millennial daughters are her muses and a constant source of inspiration, as are her frequent trips back to her roots in New York City.